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Melody’s BBQ Party


11 young and vibrant youths decided to have a BBQ party to let off some steam from our daily hectic ACCA studies, especially after progress test 2 and before the mock exams come knocking. Having planned this the whole week, we were finally able to realise our plans with Melody becoming our host for the party!

Ding Yan, Ying Wei and I headed off to Tesco Puchong to shop for ingredients on Friday afternoon, which were mainly chicken wings and non-halal items. Haha! We then headed back to Ding’s house to help marinate the chicken.

What do you get when you add a whole bottle of BBQ sauce, olive oil, spices, pepper, garlic and a bottle of HEINEKEN? The answer – epically g00t stuffs! *two thumbs up!*

Our jewel for the night!

Ying Wei picked both Lydia and I up on Saturday evening, and off we went to Melody’s place at Sungai Besi. She stays at the Petaling Indah Condominiums. Well it was raining pretty heavily, and it showed no signs of rain stopping, so it was a quite the worrying initially. Thank God the rain decided to slow down after we reached Mel’s place.

The rest were there shortly after we arrived. The guys helped to set up the BBQ pit while the girls got on with their recipes in the kitchen.

Lydia was preparing her “Lydia’s Special” with Eliza, Sue and Melody helping her out, in which she described that will savour our taste buds! Well of course it did, it was great and I’m sure everyone would agree. Haha!

Surprised as to what she got installed for us?

It’s a 100% Pork affair – Bacon + Jumbo sausage + Prunes!

The salad was great too! Not forgetting the banana dessert, which she jointly made with Melody!

I was helping Ding Yan the whole time with the bbq-ing of the chicken wings. Skewering the chickens and making our own chicken satays. Guess it wouldn’t hurt to have some male bonding session along the way. XD

Half the time, I wasn’t aware what the others were doing. Haha! I know they were busy eating, as everytime I turned my head, everyone seemed to be munching on something. LOL!

Ding Yan, our main BBQ chef for the night!

Lydia on the other hand, after finishing her work in the kitchen, she proceeded on to entertain us with her uber piano skills. Creating several solemn and cheerio atmosphere, I almost felt like emo-ing a couple of times HAHA! The piano educated wasn’t limited to her alone, both Ying Wei and Melody took an attempt at the piano too. =D

Say hello to Lydia!

The highlight of the night wasn’t the BBQ actually, it was suppose to act as a cover for Ding Yan and Ying Wei’s surprise birthday party.

Proceeded on with the plan, I signalled the girls to get the cake to the back of the room while some of us distracted Ding Yan and Ying Wei. Suddenly the lights went off, and the girls appeared with the birthday cake singing along the ‘Happy Birthday’ song.

Though our surprise failed in the sense that, the candles went off thanks to the wind in the process of our ’surprising’ LOL! and we had to light the candle again with Ying Wei and Ding Yan stoning in the middle of the room.

At least I think they are surprised =D not sure about Ding Yan, but Ying Wei had no idea the cake was for him too. So yea. =)

Melody, and the two birthday boys, Ding Yan and Ying Wei.

The cake was entirely done by Lydia herself, if you’re wondering.

Lydia’s Special II – Cheese Cake!

After done stuffing ourselves, everyone helped to clean up. Some washed the plates and cleared the food, while those of us who were helping out earlier with the BBQ, got to rest a bit.

It was an awesome night altogether, I don’t know about everyone else, but I personally had fun. =) To think I only joined this bunch at the beginning of August, I already felt like I’m part of the family.

Special thanks once again to Melody for being a great host, and also to Lydia for the amazing food! If God willing, we shall do something like this again.

We ended the night with a few group pictures of course!

Thank God for wonderful friends!

What's right isn't always what you want and what you don't want isn't always wrong..

I gotta feeling!

You know, this song is actually so annoying that it'll stick to your head until you fall in love with it.

Enjoy the flash mob!. Maybe we'll do it someday too.

Any plans? =D


Sometimes, it just sucks to be the one deciding. From the outside it might seem so nice and glamourous but once you're the one actually doing it. Its not that great after all. It really sucks.

Darn. How can i stop to try to please everyone when i very well know i can't? When can i learn to have more faith in my friends?


Seeing is believing and we're seeing price drops across each and every iPod touch on Apple's on-line store front. The 8GB model is now $189 (was $229), the 16GB model is $249 (was $299), and the 32GB model is just $279 (was $399). Now what could Apple be making room for?

Update: And now the nano and classic have fallen under the axe. The classic has been cut to $229 (was $249) while the nano now starts at $129 (was $149) for the 8GB model or just $149 (down from $199) for the 16GB nano.

Adapted from: http://www.engadget.com/2009/09/09/ipod-touch-prices-dramatically-slashed/


Yeah thats exactly how it feels like to be me now, after seeing your touch's price dropping

miserably from what RM 1629 to RM 1200 (approx)?

Hmm... guess that's the price to pay for getting an Apple product huh? =(

Lets just see whats in store for us in the 3rd gen!

Cheers! (back to reconstructing my blog =D)



Well the first test of the so called 'final' level begins next week! and as usual, like a hero i'm not ready.


can i just let everything go? i wanna be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who's up for backpacking next july???!!! or june???!!! :p

Shift of Change?

I am sorry!

I know that it might be kind of worthless but it was only today I really understand the mistakes I have made repeatedly throughout the year. Only today have I realized what an arse I can be sometimes. Only now I know what I have to do to make things right.

Having been busy with both my course and council activities, I barely have time for myself. Well I have also mismanaged my time and there’re no excuses for it, no doubt. But more than that, it was made known to me what I shouldn’t have done all along.

I have always said and insisted that other people’s impression of you doesn’t matter. True it doesn’t but when you yourself are beginning to have doubts about it. It is time to change. Well for me, I still hope that it isn’t too late. Or is it?

I was told time and time again that I have been childish. Well, just like a child, I refused to believe them and go on with my ways. Coming to think of it, it has been true all along that I am too naïve and yeah, stupid. The way I talk and how I bring myself sometimes even disgust me when I reflect back. Undoubtedly, there are times to let go and all, but I seem to be doing all of it at the wrong time! Up till today, I still need to be reminded of when to be serious and when to play!

Well, all I hope is that I can and will change for the better. Therefore I still need all of your help. Do remind me about what a fool I was before this and advice me on how to change. I really need that people! For those that have done so. Thanks a lot! I will always try to remember them and you of course for all of the help you all have given me. You know who you are =)